Glogster EDU

What is a Glog?
A Glog (not to be confused with a blog) is an interactive poster or web page that includes multimedia elements such as: text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data.  

What is Glogster EDU?
Glogster EDU is a way for educators to use and manage student Glogs within the classroom.  Educators can register and then create student profiles (50 with the free version and 200 with the premium version) to manage student Glogs.  Teachers can place students within groups or have students work individually on projects.  

Why use Glogster?
Glogster is a great way to engage students in current technology.  Using Glogster, students will learn to manipulate background images and text, embed audio and video files,  and create data and images to include in their projects.  Instead of having students create poster board projects or Power Point presentations, why not have them create an interactive Glog?  

How can I use Glogs in my classroom? 
(click on each to see an example)

1)  Book report poster
2)  Science Projects
3)  History Projects
4)  Biography Posters
5)  Math Posters


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