Storybird: Collaborative Storytelling

What is Storybird?  
Storybird is an online collaborative storytelling tool that allows users to work together to write stories.  Storybird is different from other digital storytelling tools in that it uses artwork to begin the creative process.  Users first browse "story art" and choose an artist's work or a theme to help get the creative juices flowing.

Storybird has now added a new section to its website for teachers.  This portion of the site allows teachers to manage classes and students.  Each class is a private learning space that allows teachers to create student accounts without email addresses, issue assignments, host discussions, and manage the activities of students.

How do I begin using Storybird in my class?
1)  Sign up for a Storybird Teacher Account. When you sign up you will be directed to create a class.  You can add or change your classes at any time. 
2) Once you have created a class, you can start adding students.  You will enter in their first and last name and also assign each student a username.  Storybird will then assign each student a temporary password which they will later change (student's should create a password that will be easy for them to remember). 
3)  Teachers can then create an assignment for students to complete.  Assignments can be simple or complex.  Examples of some assignments are "create an ABC book,"  "write a story about fall,"  or "read the attached story and figure out a theme."  Assignments appear on each student's dashboard and link back to the assignments page.  Once students create their story they can link it to the assignment which then allows it to appear it the teacher's library.
4)  Teachers can then view completed assignments in their teacher library.
5)   The remaining features are not available with the ForeverFree account.  The TeacherPro or Pro+ accounts allow teachers to add more than 30 students,  give feedback on unpublished stories, grade assignments, and give out digital stickers and rewards.  Click here to view all of the different features available with each plan.

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