5 Great Language Arts Apps for Under $5.00

Boggle ($.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
This has been one of my favorite games to use in the classroom since I began teaching.  Not only do I love it, but my students have always loved it as well.  It is a great game that incorporates fun, spelling, and critical thinking.  And the best thing... no letter die  scattering all over the floor when the kids get a little too excited.  All they have to do is shake their device to mix up the letters.   

Learn Sight Words ($.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Okay... this might seem too simple for a list that includes only five selections, but trust me it is a lifesaver.  I have found this app to be great from Kindergarten all the way up to fourth grade.  While hopefully most kids will know their sight words by the end of first grade, that is not always the case.  There are many different scenarios where upper grade teachers have to teach their students basic sight words.  Oh, and this is especially great for ESL students.  This app displays the words on the screen, pronounces them, and allows students to mark words they have missed until they have successfully worked through all 300 words.

  Word Magic ($.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

This app would be most useful for younger students (preschool-1st grade).  Basically, a picture is shown and students then select the missing letter for the picture.  Settings determine whether the missing letter will be at the beginning, middle, or end.  After the missing letter has been correctly placed, the word will be read aloud for the student.  There are also challenge settings where multi-syllabic and short vowels will be used.  

Story Patch ($2.99, iPad)

Have trouble getting your students interested in writing?  For many kids, writing may seem boring and laborious.  This app allows students to create their own pictures books using an iPad.  Students write the text for each page of their story and then create the illustrations to go along.  They can create illustrations by searching through the app's database, creating their own customized characters, or importing photos.  To find out more about this app check out: http://storypatch.com/.  

Sentence Builder ($3.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

As a former teacher, I think this is a much needed app.  Before students can write an effective story, they must be able to write a complete sentence. This app helps them do just that.  The object of this "game" is for  students to build a sentence to go along with each picture they are given.  They must choose the correct subject, verb, and any other parts of speech that need to be included in a given sentence.  

These are just a few great Language Arts apps that I think work well with kids.  What Language Arts or Reading apps have you found to be helpful? 


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