5 Great Math Apps for Under $5.00

Jungle Time ($.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

This is a great app that helps kids learn how to tell and set time.  As a teacher, I have noticed that many kids are not learning how to tell time on analog clocks.  This is still an important skill to learn.  This app allows kids to learn this skill in a fun and interactive way.  The clocks within the app are animated and come alive (they even roar) when kids tell time correctly.  Kids can shake their device for a new time or move the hands on the clock to set the time themselves.  Note:  While you can buy the $.99 version for iPad, it is a small iPhone like screen.  There is a iPad version as well for $2.99. 

Mad Math 2  ($1.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

This is a basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division flashcard drill app.  I like this app more than some of the others like it for a couple reasons.  Mad Math allows you to input and keep up with multiple users.  This is a great resource when using the app in a classroom setting.  Mad Math is also appealing because it does not have multiple choice answers.  While this is sometimes, I think it is good for children to occasionally figure out the answers on their own.  Children input answers into a screen that looks like a calculator but they are responsible for coming up with the answers.  This new version also has a couple new features like Math Bingo and Bubble Math.  

Math Tutor ($.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Math Tutor is an app that covers a wide range of skills.  It begins with basic integers and progresses to more difficult fraction and decimal problems.  This app can be used to review basic math facts but also to learn or review more difficult concepts.  The app offers a test mode to test your math level and also progress tracking to keep up with your progress while using the program. Math Tutor features in the Top 5 Game Educational Apps in the US iTunes Store.   

Rocket Math ($.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Rocket math is a cheap but great app.  It incorporates two basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) with money skills.  When children begin using the app they choose a rocket and are given $100.  They can begin using that money to purchase accessories for their rocket.  They have to decide what they should and shouldn't spend their money on.  To earn more money they must complete a series of problems using basic math skills.  This is really a fun game and you would be surprised how much kids enjoy doing this kind of thing.  

Math Drills ($1.99, iPhone,  iPod Touch, iPad)

This app allows up to 10 students to work on basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).  I specifically like this app because it uses on screen manipulatives to help students successfully solve the problems.  The app uses number lines, wooden blocks, and offers facts and hints to helps students.  I think this would be a great app to use with students who are struggling to learn basic math facts.  Since you can only have 10 users, this could be used as  a remediation tool to help those struggling learners.  The app also offers accuracy and speed graphs so that you can track student progress. 


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