Geocaching Basics

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching Dictionary:

Cache- what you seek to find, a shortened term for the word geocache
Geocaching- a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure
Muggle-  any non-geocacher
Travel Bug- a tag that is trackable.  These are attached to items within a cache.  

Click here for a complete list of terms. 

How do I get started?  
1.  Visit geocaching.com and register for free.   
2.  Explore the website.  Find caches near you or watch videos of other geocachers looking for treasure. 
3.  Take a look at their recommended GPS devices or download the geocaching app for your smartphone
4.  Pick a cache and do a trial run with a friend or relative before introducing this activity into your library or classroom setting. 
5.  Once you become familiar with finding caches, you can hide them as well. 

Why Geocaching?  
Geocaching is fun and educational.  It is practically free (besides the initial purchase of a GPS device and gas to get to the cache site) and usually involves some sort of team effort.  Geocaching is a great activity for families and is also great for instructional purposes in classroom settings. 

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Jessica Currie said...

I really like this idea. It is getting kids outside and it provides a social experience. I really think that my family would like this too. I have looked at the geocaching website and there is a lot of information. I would like to look at it more closely and see if this would be something that we could with our family. I appreciate the information.

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