Donors Choose

 So... You have all of these great ideas for implementing technology into your classroom or library and no way to pay for them.  You have tried asking for more money but have had no success.  What do you do next?  You could definitely apply for a grant and if the technology you want requires big bucks (like more than $1,000) you probably want to go the grant route.  But, if you are wanting technology that is a little less expensive you should try Donors Choose

How does Donors Choose Work? 
1.   Register with Donors Choose.  You will have to confirm that you are a full time public school teacher an not an administrator.  Donors Choose is only for full time teachers.  
2.  Upload a photo of yourself or of you and your students (you will also have to send home a photo permission slip for parents to sign).  
3.  Select what you need for your classroom using the Donors Choose system.  
4.  Type up a description of what you need and why you need it.  This is where you sell yourself and your class.  Why do you really need this more than the next teacher?  Make it good!  
5.  If your project is funded, it will be shipped to your school along with a thank you package and camera.
6.  You will have students write thank you notes and take pictures of the project in action.  

Note:  Donors Choose suggests that projects under $400 get funded most often.  This is true sometimes.  I have used Donors choose a couple of times.  I had one project funded and one not funded.  The one funded was under $400 and the one not funded was $800 (Elmo projector).  That being said, I have a friend who had a laptop funded for her classroom.  It all depends on what you want and how you describe it. 


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