How many of us love the Wii game system?  I will be the first to raise my hand.  It has become extremely popular since it came out in 2006.  The Wii is different from many other game systems because of its wireless remote and unique interactive games.  That being said, even though the Wii is a game system and game systems are many times shunned in the school setting, there are actually many ways that it can be used to enhance student learning.  Here are just a few ideas: 

1.  Wii Fit-  Physical Education Teachers can use Wii Fit.  While this may not work with large classes, it could definitely work with smaller class sizes.  This would also be great to use with Autistic children.  Wii Fit allows users to maintain their own settings and keep up with their progress. 

2.  Wii Endless Ocean: Dive and Discover-  I was blown away by this game.  Students are introduced to new species and habitats as they explore this virtual underwater world.  One teacher has been using this extensively with his students and has created weekly lessons to go along with the game:   http://edte.ch/blog/2009/09/19/using-endless-ocean-wii-in-the-classroom-weeks-1-and-2-dive-and-discover/

3.  Wii Wild Earth:  You are the photographer.  You job is to photograph specific animals while on your African Safari.  You also have a tour guide who gives you information about the animals throughout the safari.  

This is an easy but fun game to play with students as young as 7.  Check out the trailer:


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